Trentino Plateaus

Gentle slopes and high mountain peaks: the Trentino Plateaus offer a varied landscape, for a unique holiday and the chance to enjoy yourself, relax, practice sports and have a taste of the delicious local specialties.

The Trentino Plateaus rise in the south-east section of Trentino, at altitudes between 1000 and 2000 meters.
Luserna, Lavarone and Folgaria are the main towns of this area, each with their own peculiar history and traditions: in Luserna one of the spoken languages is Cymbrian dialect, an old German language; Folgaria still bears the title of Magnifica Comunità, once signifying independence and home rule; Lavarone represents the hamlets rising on the shores of the lake.
In these three tourist towns you find some interesting remains from the First World War, like the seven imposing Austro-Hungarian forts, main attractions of trekking and mountain bike trails like Trekking della Storia and 100 km dei Forti.

The Trentino Plateaus feature many trekking tours of different levels (the European Walking Route E5, 50 well marked trekking trails, and the Attraversata Cimbra). If you prefer Nordic Walking you can choose among the 17 trails of the Nordic Walking Park.
There are also a lot of sports facilities where you can practice swimming, golf, soccer and horseback riding. Mountain bike lovers can take part to the many competitions taking place on the plateaus, like the 100 km dei Forti, the Folgaria Megabike and the Gibo Simoni Marathon.

During winter the Trentino Plateaus are the best destination for some fun on the snow: 82 km slopes in the Skitour dei Forti, a terrain park, centers for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and Nordic Walking routes, ice rinks and a snowmobile raceway in Folgaria for both children and adults.

Children can have fun in the many playgrounds of Lavarone, Luserna and Folgaria, organizing entertainment programs where small guests can have fun and at the same time learn something new.

The Trentino Plateaus will entice you with the fragrances of their local products: spiced speck, Vézzena cheese, honey, polenta, and the specialties of Cymbrian cuisine.
Your holiday wouldn’t be complete without a journey into the local culture of these places, loved by Sigmund Freud. Worth a visit are the murals of Guardia, the museums, the churches and the art galleries.

Skitour dei Forti

125 km slopes of pure fun among the strongholds of the First World War: this is the ski route Skitour dei Forti which, connecting the ski resorts Folgaria/Fiorentini and Lavarone, offers to all sport enthusiasts an unforgettable skiing experience.

The Skitour dei Forti is an important skiing route stretching on the plateaus of Lavarone, Folgaria and Luserna.
Created thanks to the union of the ski resort Folgaria/Fiorentini with the one of Lavarone, the Skitour dei Forti offers a good 125 km of perfectly groomed slopes and leads you to a journey through history, among Austro-Hungarian strongholds of the First World War.

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The Emperor's Forts

Imposing strongholds and one of the best examples of military architecture, they rise as a memory of one of the most tragic historical periods of Italy and of the world, described in the halls of the museum in Lavarone and along the trails of the Trentino Plateaus.

The Emperor’s Forts are seven fortresses located in the region of Trentino and built by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers during the First World War.
Forte Busa Verle, Forte Cima Vezzena, Forte Lusern, Forte Gschwent Belvedere (museum of Lavarone), Forte Cherle, Forte Dosso del Sommo and Forte Sommo Alto: these imposing strongholds rise along an ideal 30 km long line, between Cima Vezzena and the Folgaria Plateau. Visitors can admire them choosing one of the many trekking and mountain biking trails crossing the territory.
In addition, the fort museum of Lavarone, with its documents and finds, offers a detailed description of the tragic events of the war.

Despite the Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, in 1908 the Austro-Hungarian governemnt decided to build a series of defensive fortresses along the boundary with Trentino.
Except for the forts of Busa Verle and Lusern, the strongholds were severely damaged during the war, and in 1936 they were dismantled to obtain steel and iron.

Forte Busa Verle: located on a hill close to the Vezzena Pass (1,554 meters), it blocked the access to the plateaus from the Val d’Assa valley.

Forte Cima Vezzena: rising on the edge of a cliff at an altitude of 1,908 meters, it was built carving the mountain. The view you can enjoy from the front of the fort is just breathtaking.

Forte Lusern: built between 1911 and 1914,it controlled together with Forte Busa Verle the access to the Alta Val d’Assa valley, and was the main element of the so called “steel trench”.

Forte Gschwent – Belvedere di Lavarone: built between 1908 and 1914 to control the Val d’Astico valley, it’s the only stronghold spared in the dismantlement of the Thirties, thanks to king Victor Emmanuel III, who wanted one of the forts to stand as material proof of the First World War. Nowadays the fortress hosts a modern museum with documents and finds giving a comprehensive description of the war period (further information: tel. ./fax + 39 0464 780005;

Last but not least, there are Forte Cherle, Forte Sommo Alto and Forte Dosso del Sommo.
Besides visiting the fort museum of Lavarone, there are other ways to take a dive into history:

·         Walking along the Peace Trail, a 450 km long itinerary along paths and trenches running along the old front line of the First World War, from the nature reserve Parco dello Stelvio to the Marmolada massif

·         Taking part to the March of the Forts or to the Trekking of the Forts

·         Taking one of the trails that lead directly to the strongholds

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